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With roles that have expanded from Wellness Program Manager to Workforce Health Consultant to Primary Care Operations Manager, I’ve witnessed the ins and outs of employee engagement, program implementation, service, and reporting. I’m aware of the time and resource constraints faced by leaders and teams. While both sides might have the strategy, plan, and knowledge for first-class worksite wellness programming, sometimes the personnel needed to implement them just doesn’t exist. It can also be difficultto find trusted providers to offer onsite, high-touch programming to truly impact the workforce culture and make wellness program plans come to life.

That’s why I’ve combined my work experience with my process improvement and project management skills to create a suite of solutions to:

  • Enhance wellness committee engagement through a new outlook and tools that empower leadership of grassroots programming for true ownership and behavior change
  • Aid organizations with program strategy and implementation when resources are tight or amidst a larger implementation that requires more “hands-on-deck”
  • Re-imagine strategic planning, boost creativity, and experience wellbeing first-hand through one-day experiential wellness intensives
  • Assist leaders with the resiliency needed for demanding roles as well as the tools and behaviors needed to effectively sponsor worksite wellness initiatives
  • Provide new and different onsite programming including workshops, classes, and 1:1 health coaching.

I welcome the opportunity to partner with your organization to achieve program goals, overcome challenges, and empower your workforce to live, work, and lead well.

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Wellbeing Blackbelt Program

Feel like your worksite wellness programming has hit a plateau? Ready to find new ways to gain new and different participation in your wellness programming? Looking for ways to empower your wellness champions to tackle new challenges in workforce health and culture?

You’re not alone, and that’s why I’ve combined my experience in workplace wellness with process improvement and project management skills to create a program that will empower your employees to set the aims of your workplace wellness program as well as take ownership for its success. Reinforced by leadership modeling and support, my Wellbeing Blackbelt Program mobilizes employees across the organization to stimulate grassroots efforts for workplace wellness to encourage new and different participation from groups not previously engaged.

Utilizing the team-based approach of Lean Six Sigma and rapid improvement, I’ve designed a 6-session training program that will equip employees with a framework for understanding the problem to solve, testing different solutions, and measuring success. Coupled with content to better understand human behavior and change management principles, this program has the ability to reinvent the way your organization looks at workplace wellness…and maybe even your work itself!

Session One – Wellbeing and Process Improvement 101

Session Two – Understanding the Problem to Solve: What’s In the Way of Health and Wellbeing at Work

Session Three – Getting to the Root of the Problem: Human Behavior and Change Management

Session Four – Testing Solutions: Peer Wellness Coaching and Goal-Setting

Session Five – Measuring Effectiveness: Determining the Impact of Programming

Session Six – Sustaining Success: How to Remain Relevant and Engaging Over Time


Course content can take place over six, one-hour classes; two, half-day trainings; or one, full-day workshop.

Includes two complimentary planning calls of up to one-hour in length, as well as development and measurement of goals to evaluate program success (organization-specific)

Wellbeing Blackbelt Implementation Support

Now that your champions have become trained Wellbeing Blackbelts, it’s important to encourage utilization and implementation of their new skills. With competing demands on their time, it can be helpful to provide additional support to guide them in implementing new ideas as well as to measure success and remove barriers.

Following the Wellbeing Blackbelt Program, I am available to assist your organization in ensuring successful implementation of the program. This could include leading monthly wellness champion meetings to facilitate use of new skills, 1:1 support for champions when rolling out new programs, planning new interventions to roll out and test, and other needs that come up.

Lead Well: Become An Effective Sponsor of Workplace Wellness

Sometimes the best way to lead your organization’s workplace wellness program is to model positive behaviors and remove barriers to success…while letting your employees take the lead at setting the direction. I’ve combined my experience with project management, process improvement, and workforce wellness to create engaging content that will provide leaders with a framework to lead well.

Over the course of this 4-session program, leaders in your organization will learn:

The Elements of Wellbeing and Tools for Minimizing Burnout

Sponsorship 101: What it means to be an effective sponsor of wellness (or any project)

Modeling Wellbeing and Removing Barriers to Wellness

Fostering Creativity and Innovation Through Flexibility and Engagement


Course content can take place over four, one-hour classes; two, half-day trainings; or one, full-day workshop.

Includes two complimentary planning calls of up to one-hour in length, printed materials, as well as development and measurement of goals to evaluate program success (organization-specific).

Workplace Wellness Program "Boost"

It can be difficult to implement a workplace wellness program amidst competing demands. Or, it sometimes feels like you need some extra support during certain wellness program initiatives, but not enough to warrant another team member. You want your program to succeed - and sometimes your program just needs a little “boost.”

If your program could benefit from additional support to get over the hump of a larger wellness program implementation, to manage program details amidst larger organizational priorities, to gain extra support at facilitating monthly wellness committee meetings, or just to finish out the year, I'm here to help! With experience leading workplace wellness programs as well as proven skills in project management, I'll step in to give your program the “boost” it needs.

Program “Boosts” are available in the following increments:

50 hours

25 hours

10 hours

Experiential Wellness Intensives

Whether your organization is new to worksite wellness or is continuing to work on new engagement strategies for your program, a strategically-focused one-day intensive devoted to brainstorming and planning have proven benefits. What’s even better is the ability to enhance the creative process with experiential-based wellness offerings spaced throughout the day!

I offer custom experiential wellness intensives to guide your team(s) through the strategic planning process as well as provide wellness offerings to enhance creativity and boost engagement. Experiential wellness intensives can be held onsite at your location or offsite at the location of your choice, and are great for:

  • Wellness committee annual planning
  • Leadership team strategy sessions
  • Team-building and goal-setting
  • Program planning and kick-offs
  • Intensives can be customized to meet your group or organization’s needs and budget.

Contact me for a complimentary intensive planning call.

Onsite Class, Workshop, or Program Facilitation

Through my interactive workshops and programs, I aim to provide education and inspiration for busy adults in pursuit of greater health and wellbeing. Click here for a current listing of available topics, share your content for facilitation, or request a custom class to meet your needs.

In addition to the workshop itself, I provide:

  • Promotional materials for communicating the workshop
  • An online link for collecting sign-ups (if desired)
  • Handouts for participants*
  • A workshop evaluation (paper or online format) with a summary of results
  • Other options available upon request
One-on-One Health & Productivity Coaching

As a health and productivity coach, I can guide your employees to utilize their own knowledge, strengths, and resources to prioritize their health and take action!

Through individualized coaching, I offer expertise in goal setting, accountability, and evidence-based strategies for success. In addition to health topics, I help your employees focus their time and energy on their top priorities so they can show up as the best version of themselves at work and in other areas of their lives.

I offer one-on-one coaching at a frequency and format that is most effective for your employees and organizational culture.

In addition to the coaching itself, I provide:

  • Promotional materials for communicating coaching
  • An online link for collecting sign-ups (if desired)
  • Handouts for participants
  • Coaching evaluation (paper or online format) with a summary of results (participation dependent)
  • Other options available upon request

Ready to work well?


“Bridgette has an incredible ability to navigate complex and ambiguous situations towards a meaningful outcome.  She is not only a pleasure to work with, but she is a strategic and critical thinker.  She has been a wonderful partner to us--we would have made no progress without her great leadership.”

Abby M.

Colorado Permanente Medical Group, Business Management

“Thank you for taking the time to come out and show us how to easily incorporate some extra moves into our lives!”

Jean H.

Academy School District 20, Risk Management

“Bridgette assisted me in putting together a one pager for our department vision. Additionally, she worked closely with me to develop metrics for my Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) group to measure success with our Diabetic and Cardiac members’ lab values. What I enjoy most in working with her is that I give her an often vague idea and she can visualize it, put it on paper, and make it understandable. I would highly recommend her for any type of help or mentoring. She is a great sounding board. She not only listens she coaches."

Kelly H.

Kaiser Permanente Colorado Nurse Manager, Primary Care Virtual Support Team