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Ready to be inspired?

After a long winter, you find yourself ready to re-ignite your motivation for your goals. You anticipate your awakening from hibernation mode. You crave that jumpstart into action – for the inspiration to go for it!

This is exactly the reason I’ve put together this weekend retreat to provide you with the time, space, tools, and support to ignite, awaken, and inspire greater health, happiness, and wellbeing in your everyday life.



  1. Who is this retreat for?

    This retreat is for women who are ready to take action on their goals in life and health and know a weekend of intentionally planned activities will help jumpstart that action.  My retreats have served all types of women from their early 30’s to late 50’s, married, divorced, kids, no kids, working, entrepreneurs, avid exercisers, and those just getting back into fitness.  The key component is a desire to immerse yourself in a life-changing weekend away to become a better version of yourself and goal up!

  2. The retreat is not until April.  Why should I sign up now?

    We’re all too familiar with what happens in the Spring: things get busy with kids’ sports, family travel, finishing up the school year, and then “May-hem!”  And, it can be easy to set aside time for yourself. That’s why I’m offering $400 off if you register by January 30.  I want you to put this time on your calendar now so that you don’t schedule over an opportunity for you to invest in yourself, relax and rejuvenate, and goal up! 

  3. Do I have to pay the full amount all at once?

    You don’t have to pay the full amount when you sign up to receive the early-bird discount. Once you’ve reserved your spot with the $500 deposit, you’ll have until January 30 to pay the remaining balance of $797.  I am also happy to create a payment plan for you to break down the remaining amount into smaller payments.

  4. Will I have my own room? 

    The $1,297 rate is for a double occupancy room.  Most of the rooms in this retreat house include a King-sized bed. Realistically speaking, you will really only be using your room for showering, dressing, and sleeping.  If you sign-up with a friend, you will be placed in a room with that friend. There is an option to have your own room for a different rate, so message me if you are interested in this option.

  5. What is included?

    You will be totally taken care of for an entire weekend!  Your lodging, meals, wine, and retreat activities are included.  You will also received a workbook and gift bag. You won’t have to worry about clearing your plates, what to eat, or where to be…leave that all up to me!

  6. What is not included?

    Transportation to and from Santa Fe are not included.  If traveling from the Denver-metro area, you will likely be able to carpool with other women from the area.  There is an option to add a spa service one day during the retreat, and that is self-pay. Any additional items purchased when in downtown Santa Fe are also not included.

  7. What time does the retreat start and end?

    We will kick-off the retreat on Thursday, April 2, at 4:30pm at the retreat house in Santa Fe.  The retreat will end by noon on Sunday, April 5.

  8. I’m nervous to leave my family.  How do you leave your family for a weekend?

    When I went on a retreat in September 2018, I was nervous to leave my family.  I didn’t know what to expect. But, I can tell you now – my experience over a weekend gave me the time, tools, and support I needed to step into my goals in a new and bigger way.  Plus, I returned home an even better version of myself…allowing me to show up even more as the wife, mom, daughter, friend, and person I want each day. 

    That’s a big reason I’ve started offering retreats myself: I’ve experienced first-hand what an intentionally-planned weekend away can do for your life, yourself, and your goals!


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