Get Unstuck: 12 Week Coaching Program to Prioritize Your Goals



Do you feel stuck? You know you want something different for your life…to have more energy…to feel better. But it’s hard to move forward. And maybe you just aren’t sure how to get started.

What would it feel like to finally reach that goal you’ve had on your mind but have been too busy, or scared, or unsure of how to do it? Or if you had the guidance and support to let go of the need to do accomplish a goal perfectly and without trying a million different quick-fix solutions?

Does this sound like you? I’m happy to tell you that your goals are within reach. Sometimes it takes trying a new approach. And, I’m so excited to invite you to join me for my 12-week coaching program, “Get Unstuck.”

You’ll receive my guidance and support to get unstuck, let go of fear, and prioritize yourself for change that lasts. The program includes a weekly coaching call where we’ll explore different topics that will help you break-through previous barriers and challenges and get on your way to your true vision of wellbeing. I’ll also provide you with tools and additional resources to help you along the way with your chosen focus.

Less stress. Weight loss. Change in career. More time spent with your kids. Establishing an exercise routine. Uncovering what is making you feel “stuck” in the first place.

These are all examples of goals and changes that can be addressed in the twelve week program.

Is This Program for Me?

  1. I’ve never worked with a coach before.  What can I expect? 

    Have you ever hired a designer to help you set a vision for a certain part of your home?  Or contracted a painter because he or she has the tools to make the outcome so much better (and gets it done faster)?  I like to think of coaching in a similar way.  I am great at listening to the outcomes you desire in your life and helping you paint a vision to get there.  I also have tools and experience to support you in setting goals that will prevent you from spinning your wheels quite so much.  It’s a great way to get a jumpstart to the life and health you’ve been longing for.

  2. Is this program just for health and wellness goals?  I’m looking to make a career change and need help mapping out a plan to prioritize the steps.

    The Get Unstuck program can focus on any topic, really.  My coaching emphasizes wellbeing overall which encompasses any number of topics…your satisfaction with your career and feeling connected to your purpose greatly influence many other aspects of your life.  It can be super helpful to have support in moving forward with those goals.  In fact, research from Gallup has shown that if you feel connected to your daily purpose/career, you are more likely to be thriving in the other areas of your life (exercising, nutrition, social connection).

  3.  I already know a lot about health and wellness, but I just haven’t been able to stick with my goals.  Is this program for me?  

    One of the main reasons I became a health coach was because I’d been teaching health education classes for years but rarely saw that increasing someone’s knowledge led to lasting change.  Most of us have all of the knowledge we need to pursue our goals…it’s fitting it into our lives that is the hard part.  During this program, we’ll address barriers to your success and explore strengths you can bring to the table to get unstuck and move forward.  We’re not talking about a quick fix, but change that lasts!

  4. What kind of return can I expect to see on this investment?

    Here’s some good news: when you sign up for this program, you’ll learn skills and techniques that you can use over and over again anytime you are stuck.  Plus, how great would it feel to finally achieve the goals you’ve been after and make some progress?  How much would you be willing to pay for that feeling?  The answer might to this question migh even be priceless for many of us.

  5. What does the program look like?

    The program will help you set a vision, goals aimed at that vision, and then help you create the time and energy you need to complete them by establishing a support system and also healthy boundaries where needed.  We’ll meet each week via Zoom call for 60 minutes where I’ll provide some prompts to guide the conversation, utilize motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, and other coaching skills to drive change, and check in on progress from prior weeks.


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