Lead Well

Lead Well

According to the American Psychological Association’s (APA)  2016 Work and Well-Being Survey, “nearly three-fourths of employees with senior managers who show support through involvement and commitment to well-being initiatives said their organization helps employees develop a healthy lifestyle, compared with just 11% who work in an organization without that leadership support.”

But with all the demands on your time at work and outside of work, how do you make time for your own health and wellbeing let alone inspiring others to be well?

I am here to help you.   Through leadership coaching to prioritize your own health and wellbeing and my Leading Well workshop series, I can work with you to be an authentic role-model and effective sponsor of organizational health and wellbeing.

Live Well to Lead Well Coaching Program

You have accomplished a lot.  You know what it means to be successful.  But what if you put yourself and your health first…then what would you achieve?  In this coaching program developed especially for leaders, we’ll work together to:

  • Clarify your vision of wellness to optimize motivation and creativity
  • Set boundaries to prevent burnout and cultivate calm
  • Establish lifestyle habits to manage stress and sustain energy
  • Identify opportunities to boost your productivity and effectiveness

This program includes a 90-minute vision setting session, time and energy assessment, personalized live well to lead well action plan, 10 coaching sessions scheduled at regular intervals, and weekly text check-ins.

Commit to your own health and wellbeing…let’s get started now!

Leading Well: Become an Effective Sponsor of Health and Happiness By Modeling Wellbeing and Removing Barriers

Sometimes the best way to lead your organization is to model positive behaviors and remove barriers to success…while letting your employees take the lead at setting the direction.  I’ve combined my experience with project management, process improvement, and workforce wellness to create engaging content that will provide leaders with a framework to lead well.

Over the course of this 4-session program, leaders in your organization will learn:

  • The Elements of Wellbeing and Tools for Minimizing Burnout
  • Sponsorship 101: What it means to be an effective sponsor of wellness (or any project)
  • Modeling Wellbeing and Removing Barriers to Wellness
  • Fostering Creativity and Innovation Through Flexibility and Engagement

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