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  • You're tired of surviving the day-to-day and feeling so...well...tired.

  • You have so much to do every day...yet still feel like you should be doing more.

  • And, you are busy from sun-up to sun-down, but never feel caught up.

  • Despite your best efforts, it seems like you're forgetting something or letting someone down.

  • To top it all off, you get so frustrated when you look in the mirror and don't like what you see.

  • Or, you go to get dressed in the morning and just don't like how your clothes fit.


  • You're afraid you'll feel guilty if you do what you really want.

  • Aren't sure you can do anything different given the demands on your time and energy.

  • Don't really know what to do or where to start.

  • Think this is "just how it is" or that "things could be much worse."

  • That you'd have to workout for hours each day, eat only salad, and give up wine (!) to look the way you want.

  • That your clothes will never fit like they used to because you've had kids and just need to move on.

What if I told you that you can...

  • Feel energized by connecting with your purpose and passion each day.

  • Accomplish more by actually doing less.

  • Stop feeling guilty for pursuing your own dreams and interests.

  • Be a better mom, wife, friend, and colleague by taking time to do what makes you feel alive.

  • Be ready to greet each day with energy and vibrancy.

  • Be satisfied with what you have accomplished when you go to bed.

  • Be confident in how you look and feel without having to sacrifice the things you love.

  • Wear anything in your closet (and even get to buy some new things to show off the way you look)!

Sound too good to be true?  It's not!

In just 12 weeks, you can be on the road to:

  • Thriving and not just surviving.

  • Feeling more energized and less tired.

  • Realizing what you really want and taking real steps to get there.

  • Having plenty of time to accomplish everything you need to do.

  • Loving how your body looks and feels.

  • Finding exercise that makes you feel strong.

  • Embracing healthy eating for consistent energy that fuels you.

  • Having more fun and connecting with others doing things you enjoy.

  • Being confident that you are right where you're supposed to be.

I invite you to stop feeling tired and merely surviving and get started feeling energized, radiant, and thriving

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Hear From Some of My Clients

“I had everything I wanted, but felt like I had nothing at all.  I knew something had to change and that change had to come from within me.  I was ready to show up for myself, I just didn't know how.  By working with Bridgette, I realized that I'm super hard on myself, and I've definitely noticed that I was doing more than I'd typically give myself credit for.  Before working together, I had an all-or-nothing mentality.  That was not healthy and I've come to a place where I can be more gracious and forgiving of myself. 

Throughout coaching, I liked that suggestions were made to help first make me more aware of a particular situation, then analyzing it before making a plan to correct or change it.  I liked being able to see progress I've made along this journey and celebrating that.  And I liked the constant reminder that progress is my goal, not perfection."

Keisha U.

“I started working with Bridgette because I wanted to be a strong role model for my kids and follow dreams/not always stick to the safe route in life. I wanted to find something I feel passionate about professionally so that I feel equally satisfied with work and my "career" as a mama.

After my coaching program, I felt happier and empowered to make changes in my current role while also pursuing my new passion more long term. I [realized] I don't have to stay in something I don't love and 'wait' to get to a better, more fulfilling role. 

Now, I'm so happy.  I started my new job, and it will allow me to pursue my longer-term vision and passion, as well as have time to be a mama."

Michelle L.

“Bridgette is such a caring, good listener, who always helps me think about what is important to me and the best way to bring about change in my life. I highly recommend Bridgette for health & wellness coaching! If you're ready to make changes in your health and wellbeing, she will help guide and support you.”

Rene M.

"Since working with Bridgette as my wellness coach there have been many revelations in regards to not only my health and wellness, but also my outlook on myself. Coaching is more than setting goals, it's taking the time to take a step back and analyze why we resort to the actions that we do. That being said, it is beyond helpful to have the right person by your side for this journey. Bridgette is the right person to have. Her insight and ability to ask challenging questions helped me to recognize roadblocks and patterns within myself. Bridgette is a very talented health coach and I would recommend her to anyone looking to make life long health and wellness changes."

Marissa D.