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How A Health Coach Can Change Your Life

“I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo

If you’re like many go-getters I know (glow-getters, I call them), you have no shortage of ideas, goals, and aspirations.  And, you have a long track record of achieving big things. However, there’s a part of you that feels like you need to achieve more and do more.  Or – you achieve all of that at the sacrifice of your own health. Sound familiar? If this sounds like you, a health coach might be just what you need to get unstuck.

With so many coaches out there now, it can be hard to understand the true value of coaching. My goal for this article is to answer some common questions to better explain how a coach can change your life.

What Can A Coach Do For You?

Although our areas of focus might differ, all certified health coaches help individuals move forward with their goals.  They listen to your goals and are skilled at helping you make shifts in your behavior that add-up to larger, lasting habits.  By using special techniques, health coaches allow you to view your goals from a different perspective yielding positive results.

How Does Coaching Work?

Many of us are used to being told what it is we need to fix, or being asked questions about what it is we could do better next time.  Part of the reason I love coaching so much is it’s focus on the positive. For example, one of my first discussions with a new client will center around other times the client has been successful. We also discuss the strengths that he or she brought into play that contributed.  I’m always so excited to hear the energy shift in someone’s voice when they remember their success and realize they can do it again!

How is a Health Coach Different From a Trainer or Dietitian?

One question I get asked often is “So, are you a dietitian or a personal trainer?”.  These fields are more well-known and more people have experienced personal training or diet counseling before.  While some dietitians and personal trainers might also be trained as coaches, the approach taken by these practitioners is different than that of a coach.  All three – health coaches, dietitians, and personal trainers – provide accountability to reach your goals. But the difference lies in how the client achieves their goals.  Personal trainers and dietitians typically come up with the “how” or provide a specific “plan” to help someone reach their goals.

This works great for many people. For others, it’s not so much the knowledge or plan they need. It’s help fitting it into their lives and creating routines out of the behaviors so they’ll stick.  Or – it’s sorting out how to be successful at implementing their plans amidst so many other to-do items.

How Do You Find the Health Coach That’s Right For You?

It’s important to know who you are working with.  While many people have successfully implemented healthy changes or achieved success in their lives (yay!), this experience doesn’t necessarily make them qualified to be a coach.  Most well-known health coaching programs require a basic understanding of health in order to ensure any advice given or goals set with clients is safe. 

In my case, I was certified through Wellcoaches School of Coaching.  In order to be accepted into the program, I was required to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a health-related field.  Something that sets me apart is my graduate degree in public health.  When you are dealing with complex habits and behaviors built over years and years, it takes education and experience to be able to navigate changing them.

Additionally, it’s crucial to connect with the focus of your coach.  I help individuals with their health and productivity to own their time and love the life they are living right now.  I emphasize doing less to be more by stopping the cycle of busy-ness. And, because of my background in project management and process improvement, I also emphasize priority and boundary setting to help clients be successful without burn out.

What Are Reasons To Hire a Health Coach?  

The reasons are endless, but people have come to me for help to:

And – some clients have started with one goal in mind and have later realized that there is something different driving the way they’ve been feeling. 

It’s the opportunity to talk openly with someone who has the right background and skillset to help you get unstuck and keep moving you forward that makes a huge difference, in my experience.

The good news is – sometimes it only takes a few sessions with a health coach to get on the right path.  Once you’ve learned some key steps for your own success, you can apply them across many different goals to help you in the future.  

Let’s Get To Know Each OtherI’d love to help you prioritize yourself and achieve your goals for good.  Whether it’s me or another coach, I believe health coaches are a great asset for getting the most out of what life has to offer.

I’d love to hear more about your goals and have three easy ways we can get to know each other better:

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