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Getting Back on Track with Health & Productivity

back on track

There are times of the year that make you naturally more prone to “getting off track,” especially when it comes to your health and productivity. The two that come to mind for me immediately are the summer and the holidays. There’s no need to beat yourself up, though. I’ll share the most common goals I hear related to “getting back on track” with health & productivity…and how you can make it happen.

1. Get back into a purposeful routine.

Have you thought this before? While it can be tempting to try to force yourself to get up early, journal, do your workout, make spinach and eggs, start the workday with meditation, and…see where I’m headed? This all seems like a lot if you try to start it all at one time. So, in this case, your best bet is to break your “purposeful routine” into smaller steps and integrate them at different time intervals. I’d even recommend starting with the one that seems the easiest for a quick win.

2. Keep up healthy habits even when things get busy.

I hear this one a lot. The New Year, August when the kids go back to school…these are both times when we refocus and get back on track. However, then things at work and with our kids’ activities ramp up…and the wheels fall off. In this case, I recommend establishing some non-negotiables and scheduling those in your calendar like you would your work or kids’ activities. For example, if you know you must exercise to be your healthy, productive best, make it a non-negotiable in your calendar. If other commitments have to give (aka Bachelor in Paradise, sorry!) in order for you to make time for the non-negotiable, so be it!

3. Clean up my diet.

Meal planning and prepping is a game-changer when it comes to healthy eating. The majority of people don’t even claim to be able to resist temptations on a menu! So, by meal planning and prepping, you’re setting yourself up for success by removing the temptation. If you’re new to this, a subscription service like Green Chef or Sun Basket can be helpful. Alternatively, set a goal to plan and prep at least two of each meal for the week. Once you’re successful with that, increase the number of meals you plan and prep (don’t forget snacks).

4. Start exercising again.

For me, this goal is all about building momentum. Plan to do some type of exercise for at least ten minutes every day one week. Schedule it in your calendar so you know you have time allotted for it. If you can do just ten minutes every day, you’ll gain momentum and know you can keep going. It doesn’t matter what you do…the goal is just to get re-started. Once you’re in the habit again, you can lengthen your exercise time and become more specific around the type of exercise you do.

5. Better manage time.

When it comes to productivity and using your time wisely, I think it’s important to plan for your distractions. For example, if you get de-railed by social media, schedule time to browse it and get caught up. BUT…make sure you designate a certain amount of time to browse AND set a timer!!! When the timer goes off, so does the phone. The same can be said for office conversations…plan certain times of the day to be social in the office, but keep to your designated timeframe so you don’t get off track. The important thing here is to acknowledge your natural tendencies and distractions but plan for them so they don’t eat up your time.

Some of these goals can be easier said than done. I’ve helped tons of clients get back on track after they’ve strayed from the path a bit. In fact, when it comes to using time more wisely…enlisting the support of a coach to help you with your goals fast tracks your progress (it’s kind of like hiring a professional painter to get the job done quickly and with less spills and paint splatters).

I offer a free thirty-minute planning call to get you started. Schedule yours today so you can get back on track in a flash!

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