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Breaking the False Nutrition Cycle

I am the first to admit that nutrition is my least favorite part of my own focus on wellbeing. Years of thinking that I had to diet and restrict my favorite foods have given me bad memories of focusing on nutrition.   The good news is – I have changed this way of thinking – and I have seen the difference it makes it how I feel, think, and look.

Setting Intention

None-the-less, I have noticed that my diet lately has not been very intentional. I realize I am starving and eat a roll of deli meat and a handful of Nutthins™.  Or I mix a protein shake to drink on the way to pick up the kids. Its been leaving me feeling lethargic. I know I’m missing out on a lot of nutrients by not prioritizing my nutrition.

It’s a Family Affair

So far – it’s been quite eye opening. I didn’t realize I was eating so much beige recently. And, when I mentioned the goal to my daughter, Cora, she was excited about it too. She immediately told me the colors of the foods that she had that day already. This focus on my diet also means a healthier diet for my family – double bonus!  This is the case for so many of us parents, spouses, and partners.

Every Color of the Rainbow

I decided to talk to my health coach (yes, health coaches work with health coaches, too), Rene ( about setting a goal around my nutrition. She had a great suggestion – trying to eat every color of the rainbow each day.

Am I going to eat a bowl of Trix™ and call it good? Although very efficient, that is not what she meant. The goal is for the rainbow colors to come from fruits and vegetables. It requires some planning and intentionally looking at my diet from to ensure I am getting a variety of fruits and vegetables – not restricting calories or following a plan that makes me cut out food groups. I love it!

Breaking the Cycle

Finally, this is a great time of year to focus on eating a lot of phytonutrients (nutrients that come from plants). One of the major benefits is their immune building properties. We have already begun the sick-well-sick-well cycle at our house for the season, so I’ll take all of the help we can get at protecting ourselves from illness and helping us get better quicker.

Thanks, Rene, for such an awesome suggestion. Will anyone else be joining me in seeking every color each day?

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