Be healthy & productive by owning your time and loving the life you're living right now!

Be healthy & productive by owning your time and loving the life you're living right now!

I'm Bridgette Binford, a wife, mother of two precious kiddos, Georgia peach turned Colorado girl, and a Healthy LIVING Coach obsessed with helping you own your time and love the life your LIVING right now. 

What's with the all caps?  When I get asked if I'm a life coach, I like to emphasize we are LIVING life right now.  So, let's make it the best it can be, shall we?!?


Let’s face it:

Life's demands on your time and energy often take their toll: your career, exercise, and eating habits are all part of a balancing act that can easily get the best of you!
With so many expectations and demands, it often feels like you're merely surviving the day-to-day.

What you really want is to...

wake up feeling refreshed and energized

have time on your side with a comfortable pace for the day

feel confident in who you see when you look in the mirror

find exercise you love and that makes you feel strong

embrace healthy eating for consistent energy that fuels you

have fun and connect with others doing things you love


But, it’s so hard to know where to start.

With limited time, you don’t want to waste it spinning your wheels on solutions that don’t work.

Plus, you know it will be hard to keep yourself motivated with everything else going on.

That’s where I come in!

As a woman, wife, mother, and entrepreneur who has navigated the best and worst of life's obstacles and found my stride in family, career, health, and happiness, I’m excited to use my skills and expertise to support you.

I’ve been described as both an iron fist with a velvet glove (I’ll hold you accountable without making you feel guilty) as well as a golden retriever in human form (loyal and dependable to the core).

I provide the guidance and accountability you need to move forward without feeling overwhelmed or wasting time on quick fixes that put you back at square one.

Sound too good to be true? It's not.

Hear from some of my clients

“I had everything I wanted, but felt like I had nothing at all.  I knew something had to change and that change had to come from within me.  I was ready to show up for myself, I just didn't know how.  By working with Bridgette, I realized that I'm super hard on myself, and I definitely noticed that I was doing more than I'd typically give myself credit for.  Before working together, I had an all-or-nothing mentality.  That was not healthy and I've come to a place where I can be more gracious and forgiving of myself. 

Throughout coaching, I liked that suggestions were made to help first make me more aware of a particular situation, then analyzing it before making a plan to correct or change it.  I liked being able to see progress I've made along this journey and celebrating that.  And I liked the constant reminder that progress is my goal, not perfection."

Keisha U.

“I started working with Bridgette because I wanted to be a strong role model for my kids and follow dreams/not always stick to the safe route in life. I wanted to find something I feel passionate about professionally so that I feel equally satisfied with work and my "career" as a mama! 

After finishing my coaching program, I felt happier and empowered to make changes in my current role while also pursing my new passion more long term. I [realized] I don't have to stay in something I don't love and 'wait' to get to a better, more fulfilling role. 

Now, I'm so happy.  I started my new job, and it will allow me to pursue my longer-term vision and passion, as well as have time to be a mama."

Michelle L.

“Bridgette is such a caring, good listener, who always helps me think about what is important to me and the best way to bring about change in my life. I highly recommend Bridgette for health & wellness coaching! If you're ready to make changes in your health and wellbeing, she will help guide and support you.”

Rene M.

"Since working with Bridgette as my wellness coach there have been many revelations in regards to not only my health and wellness, but also my outlook on myself. Coaching is more than setting goals, it's taking the time to take a step back and analyze why we resort to the actions that we do. That being said, it is beyond helpful to have the right person by your side for this journey. Bridgette is the right person to have. Her insight and ability to ask challenging questions helped me to recognize roadblocks and patterns within myself. Bridgette is a very talented health coach and I would recommend her to anyone looking to make life long health and wellness changes."

Marissa D.

"I loved how informal the Failproof Resolutions Class was!  And I didn't feel judged at all!"

Stevie D.

“Bridgette has an incredible ability to navigate complex and ambiguous situations towards a meaningful outcome.  She is not only a pleasure to work with, but she is a strategic and critical thinker.  She has been a wonderful partner to us--we would have made no progress without her great leadership.”

Abby M.

Colorado Permanente Medical Group, Business Management

“Thank you for taking the time to come out and show us how to easily incorporate some extra moves into our lives!”

Jean H.

Academy School District 20, Risk Management

“Bridgette assisted me in putting together a one pager for our department vision. Additionally, she worked closely with me to develop metrics for my Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) group to measure success with our Diabetic and Cardiac members’ lab values. What I enjoy most in working with her is that I give her an often vague idea and she can visualize it, put it on paper, and make it understandable. I would highly recommend her for any type of help or mentoring. She is a great sounding board. She not only listens she coaches.”

Kelly H.

Kaiser Permanente Virtual Support Team, Nurse Manager